Elevate is an Orthodox summer program where the entire itinerary is planned through the eyes of a teenager. A program that offers all the amenities of a traditional camp, while having the opportunity to explore exciting new places. A camp where you can have an inspiring, adventurous and impactful summer.  Join us for an unforgettable experience. 

Why is Elevate a unique summer experience?

1) We are based in one location the entire trip. This allows everyone to properly unpack their bags and live like a mentsch during the program. All of our trips are no more than a two hour drive away, so you don't feel like you are living on a bus. All of our delicious food will be catered by the Chabad of Antigua.

2) Every day there are trips, some days the trips will be longer than others. Being that we are based in one location, there is always time for swimming, sports and everything else our facility has to offer. 

3) Alongside our daily minyanim, the learning chaburahs with our incredible madrichim will elevate your soul and add meaning to your day. Chaburahs are 45 minutes and you can choose from a broad range of interesting topics such as:

4) The program is camper-oriented. The directors and madrichim are there to ensure that you have the absolute best summer. We value your input, so we would love to hear when you have an idea of a cool trip or an interesting activity. 

Why did you choose Antigua, Guatemala for Elevate this summer?

Antigua, Guatemala is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most unique places you will ever go. The culture is rich, the scenery is beautiful, the weather is gorgeous and the abundance of trips is mind-blowing.  Because of all Guatemala has to offer, Elevate has cultivated an extensive and selective itinerary for the most exciting summer yet.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security are our number one priority. All our trips will be coordinated via our travel agency, and we will be accompanied by our well experienced tour guide and medic. There will be 24/7 supervision and constant communication amongst staff and teens. Parents will be notified in the unlikely event of an itinerary change or deviation from the schedule. We will always be available via phone throughout the summer if you need to contact us. 

What are Elevate's rules/policies? 

1) No bullying will be tolerated

2) Absolutely no drugs, alcohol or vaping.

3) It is very important that each camper has the opportunity to elevate his summer by learning and growing. Therefore, we ask all campers to adhere to our policies on kashrus and the shabbos atmosphere.

4) No leaving campus unsupervised.

Failure to follow these basic policies will result in being sent home without a refund.